Development history

  • 2003

    chaozhong C&a

    As early as 2003, Mr. Xu, the founder of Silverstone, was an entrepreneur with more than ten years'experience in clothing. In early 2003, he formally established Super Fashion in Qianlin Printing and Dyeing Factory.
  • 2006

    wanchaozhong C&a

    Because of the geographical location, building area, hardware facilities and other reasons, Mr. Xu for the company's prospects not only to further upgrade production equipment, but also decided to move to Tongxiang City School West Road, and renamed Wanchao clothing.
  • 2008

    yinshi silk establish

    Silver Stone Silk Textile Co., Ltd. was formally established as an enterprise with the integration of import and export, industry and trade.
  • 2009

    Building plant

    The factory building was established and moved to Wutong Industrial Park in Tongxiang City in October of the same year. It has a building area of 10,000 square meters. It integrates office, production and staff accommodation.

    After more than ten years of development, Yinshi has more than 300 managers and producers. At the same time, there are many cooperative producers in Henan, and has its own branch in Anhui. There are more than ten senior business, strong development team, annual production of clothing more than one million pieces, adhering to their excellent production quality, as well as the close cooperation and trust of customers, long-term production of European and American first-line, second-line brands, such as Bash, Maje, The Kooples and other well-known brands.