How to wash silk fabric

1. When washing silk clothes, it is not advisable to soak silk clothes in cold water for too long, 5 to 10 minutes is appropriate.Neutral washing powder can be used when washing, and silk clothes should not be washed with laundry. Wash by hand, rub lightly, and do not rub by gravity to prevent fiber damage.

2. For washed silk clothes, it is best to bring water to dry, and it is dry, but not exposed to the sun, which can prevent the strength and color fastness of the fibers from being affected.

3. Silk clothes can be dried in reverse when they are dried, and at the same time avoid direct sunlight. About 80% of the clothes can be removed when they are dry, so that the silk clothes after drying feel softer to the touch, and it is not easy to fade.

4. Silk clothes are characterized by acid and alkali resistance, so in order to keep the color bright, it is best to drop a few drops of acetic acid in water before drying, then soak the clothes in water for about ten minutes, and then pick them up to dry, so that the color of the clothes can be maintained.

5. Silk products should not be sprayed with perfumes, fresheners, deodorants, etc.; Do not use mothballs when storing, because this may cause silk clothes to absorb a certain smell or change color.

6. Silk clothes are best hung on hangers in the wardrobe. Do not use metal hangers. The clothes prevent rust and other pollution, and should be placed in a place where direct sunlight is shining. Avoid light. If silk clothes are to be stacked, they should also be placed on the upper layer of the wardrobe to avoid being deformed and wrinkled by compression.